• Skipper Bivins - Detective TuFf Turner

    From the side of town called Snuff Ridge in Walters, Oklahoma, Skipper Bivins grew up catching fish the way his dad and grandpa taught him, with his hands. Skipper passed on this way of life, known as noodling, to his children.  As 5 time world champion noodler, Skipper was profiled in a documentary about the sport.  This exposure led to his starring in the popular Animal Planet television series, Hillbilly Handfishin’  Enjoying life in front of the lens, Skipper took on the starring role of Detective Tuff Turner in the feature length The Secret of Sarah Pennington.

  • jed fox - Simon Garland

    Born in August of 1961, the fifth of six children, Jed Fox (that is his given name) moved frequently as his father served in the Air Force until his retirement.  "This had the added benefit of moving to some beautiful places, like Hawaii, and making us very close as we depended on each other a bit more than friends outside the family, in particular when we were young." 


    Jed always exhibited imagination and a desire to become different people, even at a very young age, creating elaborate costumes and, more than merely playing, "becoming" characters from literature, movies, history and television.


    His mother had professional experience in 'show business' and both parents encouraged him to pursue acting (with something to fall back on, of course!) Like most teens, Jed listened to them, and then pursued a living as a professional musician instead. After approximately 5 years of near misses in the music industry, Jed joined the Air Force himself. After four years, Jed re-entered the civilian world. Struggling at various odd jobs and low pay in New Mexico in the late 80's, Jed relocated to Lawton, Oklahoma where he served 20 years as a police officer. During this time he met his wife-to-be, Shelli. She was a dispatcher at the same department.


    She encouraged them to start acting in the local community theaters, which they both loved. As retirement loomed near and their four boys 'left the nest' they started to pursue acting as their sole professional career. Good fortune has followed them and this has been their "day job" since retirement. 

  • Doug McAbee - Jonathan Grayline / Director of Visual Effects

    A long-time fan of movie culture, Doug was fortunate enough to spark his love for film making in Dr. Matt Jenkins' Audio and Visual Production class at Cameron University. He didn't realize it at the time, but that would be the start of what would later become an obsession with all things film. Some years later, after he was well into his Graphic Design career, Doug opened the first door into the movie industry when he was asked to design several different movie posters and DVD packages for Jenkins' films and documentaries. This relationship would lead him to his first lead role in the full length feature, Beaches, Buns and Bikinis, where he also took on the Art Direction of all collateral and web design associated with the film. Starving for even more out of his design carrier, Doug took the next step and applied his new knowledge of editing, post production effects and motion graphics to the most recent WDC, LLC's production, The Secret of Sarah Pennington, where he also has a large acting role. It is this video knowledge and his strong foundation in print design that landed him his most recent job in Oklahoma City.

  • Pat Bishow - Miles Boughman

    Pat Bishow started his trek into the b-movie world back in the 80s with directing cheap low-budget horror films: Three from the Dead House and The Soultangler. In the 90s he made straight to video no-budget cult fare with The Adventures of El Frenetico & Go-Girl and The Girls from H.A.R.M.! His last feature It’s A Haunted Happenin’! was released in 2003. Currently he is working on his new comedy web series We Might Be Superheroes premiering in the summer of 2013. You can follow him on Twitter @amusementfilms.

  • Matt Jenkins - Producer

    A year after his campy short picture Mirror Man was unceremoniously rejected from the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, Matt received a sincere apology from the festival programmers asking if they could screen this epic.  Eventually realizing producing short movies and documentaries wasn’t enough, in 2010 Matt made the leap into no-budget features with the satirical Beaches, Buns and Bikinis.  Tired of hearing: “Had this been a horror movie it would have been distributed yesterday,” Matt decided the next feature he would work on would be a horror/thriller movie … and the result is The Secret of Sarah Pennington.

  • Charles Stanley - Director

    Charles’ cinematic skills are easily evident in his production, the award winning Epiphany.  A distinctive style particular to his craft makes Charles’ work desirable.   He has served as Director of Photography on the award winning short movie Banished Misfortune, the award-winning documentary Pray’s Passion, the strikingly recorded documentary You Bet We’re Going Back to Sea – The S.S. John W. Brown and the recently completed award winning fictional work The Last Dive.  Charles marked his Directorial debut with the release of WDC, LLC's first feature length movie Beaches, Buns, and Bikinis starring Ron Jeremy.  Taking his craft as a Director to a new level, Charles worked closely with the WDC crew to help create their latest feature The Secret of Sarah Pennington.  His vision and style for production is an essential element to WDC, LLC Productions